Gail Ruopp, LLC
Gail Ruopp, LLC

Since 1990, Gail has managed and directed privately held law firms which includes finance, personnel, operations, technology, real estate negotiations and various levels of marketing. She is very active in ensuring firms become more diverse and inclusive. Gail has effectively worked with all levels of personnel and is very proficient in lawyer acquisitions and divestures including succession planning. She has spearheaded many employee engagement initiatives to maximize productivity and efficiencies.

Gail will spearhead a project so current personnel can handle their routine tasks efficiently.

Gail is experienced in working with several offices in several states. She has successfully marketed law firms with varying areas of practice.

Gail has worked with various financial systems and will work with management to ensure proper billing, receivables and financial reporting.

She is very knowledgeable with all insurance coverages and profit sharing.

She designed a disaster recovery plan which has been utilized on several occasions. She has ensured that law firms utilize technology and work with appropriate providers.

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